Suspected moxibustion lit mosquito nets Beijing alone homes were burned to death

Elderly son told Beiqing newspaper reporter
Incident in Chaoyang District, a district living in the accident when the room on November 1, Chaoyang District, a residential area for the elderly suspected of moxibustion accidentally lead to death. 11 o'clock or so, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter came to the incident area, found the air is still pungent smoked flavor. According to the surrounding neighbors, the death of the elderly this year, 76 years old, three or four years has been a personal life, often see children and grandchildren to visit the elderly. It is reported that 8 o'clock in the morning, the family rushed to open the door and found that the elderly have died. Suspected moxibustion lit mosquito nets living alone home was burned on November 1 morning, a reader broke the news that a district of Chaoyang District, a living alone suspected of using moxibustion at home was burned to death. 11 o'clock or so, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter came to the incident area, found the air is still pungent smoked flavor. In order to wait for firefighters to further determine the cause of the accident, the scene has not yet been processed. Beiqing newspaper reporter at the scene to see the bedroom wall was smoked black, the elderly next to the air conditioning has been burned, leaving only half empty shelf. There was a black burned trail on the bed. According to the elderly son, the old man who died is his mother, 76 years old this year. 8 o'clock, he came to the elderly home, opened the door and found the smoke filled the house, almost impossible to enter. Elderly son told Beiqing newspaper reporter, entered the room and found the bedroom doors and windows closed, the bedroom ceiling wire a little open fire, but the main are choking nose smoke. Open their doors and windows for a long time after the ventilation, talent can barely enter the room. Old son said that the mother has been high age, more afraid of cold, so there are habit of closing doors and windows before going to bed. Beiqing newspaper reporter noted that in the incident unit next door is Chaoyang District, a community service center. November 1 at around 5:30 pm, Beiqing reporter in the community service center asked the staff that the center has not yet provided moxibustion treatment. The use of moxibustion for many years due to cold weather closed doors and windows According to their families, the elderly have three or four years of living alone, usually have their own habits of moxibustion. Are generally children to help in the pharmacy to buy after the elderly home, before many times to remind the elderly to pay attention to safety. Old man's grandson told Beiqing newspaper reporter, my grandmother has been used in the legs moxibustion habits. Due to the recent cold weather, may be my grandmother feel moxibustion will be a little warm, so before use at bedtime. Family members suspected, may be moxibustion lit the old man has been asleep, the result of the bedside of the mosquito nets, and ultimately cause tragedy. It is understood that the elderly have two children, two sons had repeatedly invited mothers to live with their own, or moved to the nursing home life, but the elderly always reluctant to leave the familiar living environment, has always insisted on a person living. The old man said that the elderly normal body fairly good, their lives are no problem, has been relatively independent. Several neighbors told the North Green newspaper reporter, the old man usually pay attention to health, the body fairly healthy, but some legs and feet are not convenient. Usually the weekend, will see the old man's son to visit the elderly. Before listening to the old man said, his wife died after the son of her have been willing to live with her, but the old man said he was a habit of living, do not want to go. A neighbor aunt told Beiqing newspaper reporter, shortly before the incident the elderly themselves in front of the open space planted a few pieces of green onions, but also told her: "Do not buy onions, and use from here on my trip." A district residents told the Beiqing newspaper reporter, I heard that last night someone smelled the smoke, but because the day happens to be "cold section", the area of ​​cooking paper memorial ancestors more people, so we did not think it would be so serious Of the accident. Ignited the moxa is not easy to extinguish the use of attention to ventilation North Green newspaper reporter found that the market is now selling moxibustion is divided into two kinds, one is placed in the plastic made of candlestick, and then affixed to The affected area; the other is the moxa lit after the copper box, and then placed in the bag tied at the acupuncture point. In a certain brand of moxibustion use warm tips, Beiqing reporter to see the main note are: moxibustion attention, to avoid burns; pay attention to prevent the fire; moxibustion attention to the indoor temperature adjustment and open ventilation fan, in exchange for fresh air. In fact, the use of moxibustion accidentally triggered a fire accident occurred over the years. In March 2014, Guangdong Chancheng a woman at home after the use of moxibustion care, there is no moxa on the fireworks in a timely manner to ignite the home sofa, curtains and other items eventually lead to fire. August 11, 2015, Xinjiang Yimu Saer County Cultural West Road, a family because the hostess the night before the use of moxibustion, the remaining Mars did not deal with the morning to get up and found that Mars on the water with a bit, Did not go to check again to go to work, it may be due to Mars will be the side of the bed ignition caused a fire. Army General Hospital Physiotherapy Division Ouyang Qi doctors to remind you that ignited moxa and so on is not easy to extinguish, after use into the bottle in a timely manner so that the natural extinguished. Moxibustion, pay attention to the room ventilation, so as to blow the smell of smoke. Moxibustion time to the best at noon yang the best at night before going to bed moxibustion easy to fall asleep caused by moxibustion injury or fire accident, should try to avoid. Old people choose moxibustion, the best next to someone to take care of, while doing fire prevention measures to avoid accidents. According to Ouyang doctors, due to moxibustion itself green low-carbon, and for many diseases have a certain effect, the folk has been the winter sick summer cure moxibustion and thirty-nine moxibustion folk, and now choose their own moxibustion at home more and more many. Moxibustion itself is not too difficult to practice, you can learn to get started. But the key to moxibustion, dialectical acupoints is difficult, most people do not master well. For the elderly have been high, but also living alone at home, the best choice to the community service centers and other medical institutions by the implementation of moxibustion professionals. Text and photo / trainee reporter Kong Ling Han

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